About Us


Meet Helen Hadush!! Passionate about solving problems, Helen decided to solve some problems by creating a brand of lipstick with a purpose. One problem she wanted to solve was seeing lipstick stains on her coffee cup. A busy working mom, Helen wanted lipstick that stayed off cups and napkins and on the lips during a long day. Because, let's be honest we all have better things to do than check to see if our lipstick needs to be reapplied every hour.

While this is one problem Helaz Lipstick solves, it has an even higher calling. Helen created Helaz to help young women in disadvantaged communities by using beauty and technology. In partnership with a group of high school girls, Helen started the Berchi Campaign. Berchi is a platform that supports less privileged girls by promoting their stories.

Using her background in Technology, Helen created an interactive platform that tells each girl's story. It also shows how close each beneficiary is to reaching her goal of attaining higher education. Each shade of lipstick you decide to buy is tied to a girl who is now one step closer to her dreams, thanks to your purchase of a Helaz beauty product.

Last but not least, the third problem Helen set out to solve was the lack of affordable quality lipstick in Africa. Originally from Ethiopia, Helen frequently got requests from friends and relatives to send high end lipstick brands. She began to notice the ridiculous price of quality name brand lipsticks during a visit to her native country. Being a natural problem solver, Helen decided to begin her own line. She made it her mission to find out how and where quality makeups were being manufactured. She researched products and visited labs and traveled across the world to meet suppliers to create an affordable line of lipsticks without compromising on quality.

Helen lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. When she is not solving problems, she can be found playing soccer with her kids, running at the park near her home and most recently, learning Karate.